About Us

We contribute to a strong California economy

The California Pipe Trades Council is proud of the role we play in providing good jobs and a secure future for our members. Our members live and raise their families in the communities where they work. This means we contribute to local taxes, coach after school sports teams and take part in other activities that strengthen communities. By making sure our members receive health care and a secure retirement, we contribute to the state's overall economic health and prosperity - today and into the future.

Protecting the Health and Safety of all Californians

The organized pipe trades have long recognized the link between our profession and public health. The plumbing unions established apprenticeship requirements and educational and training programs to ensure the quality and safety of the plumbing systems their members install and helped to establish the first mandatory plumbing standards to fight infection and disease. The California State Pipe Trades Council is committed to maintaining the integrity and quality of apprentice training standards and mandatory plumbing code standards.

Working in partnership with environmental groups, consumer groups, and other labor organizations, the California State Pipe Trades Council has also fought to ensure health, safety and performance evaluation of potentially dangerous or substandard plumbing materials before they are approved for use in the California Plumbing Code. Our successful advocacy for stringent testing and review has allowed California to avoid safety problems and costly damages faced by other states. Such review has revealed previously unexamined or undisclosed hazards and has resulted in improvements in manufacturing practices and the imposition of mitigation measures to reduce impacts on the public and on workers. Learn more about our efforts to ensure safe building standards and materials.

We provide economic and educational opportunities to California's youth

Every year our locals partner with community colleges and invest approximately $18 million to train the next generation of plumbers and pipe fitters. These intensive five-year apprenticeship programs, also offered by other trades, provide opportunities for non-college-bound youth to have challenging careers and a secure future in today's economy. Learn more about our training programs.