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About Apprentice Training
The State Pipe Trade Council's apprentice programs are the training ground for future generations of skilled plumbers and pipe fitters. For young people who aren't college bound, apprenticeship to a trade can be one of the best paths to a good job with solid health care benefits and a secure retirement.

For more than a century, we've partnered with California community colleges to provide Californians from all walks of life with the skills and qualifications they need to pursue a challenging career that allows them to succeed in today's demanding economy.

The California State Pipe Trades Apprentice Programs 
Every year we invest over $18 million to train the next generation of plumbers, pipe fitters, and refrigeration and air conditioning journeymen at 27 apprenticeship training centers across the state.

All apprentices who go through the program are taught by seasoned professionals, train with state-of-the-art equipment and learn on the job with guidance from experienced mentors and foremen-while earning an associates degree from a community college and a consistent income.

Protecting Apprentice Training Standards
The Council works with the state's Division of Apprenticeship Standards and the California Apprenticeship Council to promote the highest professional standards, both in the classroom and on the job.

When plumbers and pipe fitters receive inadequate or sub-par training, it increases the likelihood of errors on the job that can affect the safety of California's homes, schools and office buildings. All of our apprentices go through rigorous training on health, safety and environmental codes to ensure that the buildings we work on are safe.

We also maintain state-regulated ratios between apprentices and journeymen so every apprentice receives personalized attention and supervision from a credentialed professional.